Monthly Archives: December 2014

Christmas Eve Crabbing

This afternoon, Matt and I decided to grab some crabs at the oil dock at Mukilteo. The end of crab season approaches, so we want to get in as many dives as possible. We arrived at the T-dock at about an hour after low tide and walked north along the rocky beach toward the oil dock. Visibility was mediocre to poor today, at about 10 feet. We chose to explore the middle third of the dock this time and stayed between about 30-45 feet throughout the dive. There were some very large Dungeness and red rock crab out there still – we got two 7 1/2 inchers this dive. There were not many fish out there this time of year, just the usual quillback rockfish, painted greenlings, and pile perch. Overall, we had a decent haul – 4 large dungies and 4 red rocks.

Needless to say, Christmas Eve dinner was awesome. We were looking for some different recipes for crab, and decided to try this one out. It was fantastic – the crab and basil definitely go well together!

Crab Fettuccine with Basil Cream Sauce