Dasyatis sabina (Lesueur, 1824)
  • Common name: Atlantic stingray, Florida ray
  • Range: eastern coast of the United States and the Gulf of Mexico, freshwater populations found in the St. John's River in Florida
  • Size: 24" for marine populations, 10-13" for freshwater populations

Although freshwater populations of Atlantic stingrays have recently been discovered in northern Florida, this species is not a true freshwater ray in the physiological sense. Atlantic stingrays are euryhaline, meaning that they have the ability to move back and forth between marine, brackish, and freshwater ecosystems. With the exception of remaining slightly smaller, St. John's River stingrays are virtually identical to their marine counterparts. For more information on this species, see the natural history page.

A male Atlantic stingray. Click here to watch the Quicktime video!

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