Potamotrygon reticulata (Günther, 1880)
  • Common name: Teacup or longtail stingray
  • Range: Surinaum
  • Adult size: 30-35 cm

P. reticulata can be distinguished from other freshwater stingray species based on its unusually long, pointed tail, flatter body shape, and smaller eyes. Their color pattern usually consists of numerous small, indistinct, light-colored blotches on a darker base color. As their name suggests, they are one of the smaller species of freshwater stingray, rarely if ever exceeding a disc diameter of 14 inches. Most of the small freshwater stingrays sold under the name "teacup stingray" belong to this species, although P. histrix and P. orbignyi are occasionally given this distinction as well.

The photo below was borrowed with permission from Matthew Ross.

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